Control 글 편집

Accurate and robust models of a mechanism are required for the design and parameter optimization ofcontrol system algorithms, as well as their reliability verification. RecurDyn provides a diverse set of tools to analyze mechanism models coupled with the control system algorithm.

RecurDyn provides an interface for co-simulation with the MATLAB/Simulink and AMESim software that is widely used in mechatronics. In addition, RecurDyn supports FMI to incorporate the use of Modelica-based applications. RecurDyn/CoLink allows for fast and accurate control system analysis through the deep integration of the control simulation code with RecurDyn’s dynamics solver.

Robot Simulation using RecurDyn Control


RecurDyn/Control includes an interface for co-simulation with MATLAB/Simulink and Simplorer.

This allows mechanical systems that contain control and drive systems, such as controllers and motors, to be analyzed.

   Simulink Interface:

  • RecurDyn/Control includes an interface which allows it to utilize a realistic dynamic model of RecurDyn in a MATLAB/Simulink model.
  • It is possible to use a RecurDyn model including contacts or flexible bodies as well as various joints or forces in the model created by Simulink.
  • A RecurDyn model can be integrated with a Simulink model using a UI which easily creates an S-Function for the RecurDyn Plant model.

Co-simulation between RecurDyn and Simulink


RecurDyn/Hydraulic includes an interface for co-simulation with the AMESim hydraulic analysis software. This allows mechanical systems that contain a wide range of hydraulic systems to be analyzed.

FMI (Functional Mockup Interface)

RecurDyn supports FMI, a standard interface based on Modelica, and co-simulation with applications that support FMI



  • Controls engineers can efficiently test control algorithms early in the design process with highly nonlinear dynamic models.
  • Mechanical systems may include control systems (whether electronic, hydraulic, etc.)
  • The mechanical engineer and the controls engineer can join their independent design models.
  • Controls engineers may struggle to develop robust controllers early in the design process. because of the difficulty in constructing nonlinear dynamic models within controls software.
  • These difficulties can be avoided by developing the mechanical model in RecurDyn and, using RecurDyn/Control to interface with the controls software.


  • All mechanical components and constraints are modeled with RecurDyn.
  • The control algorithms are modeled using the control application.
  • RecurDyn/Control manages the co-simulation of RecurDyn and the control application.
  • Plant outputs are passed from RecurDyn to the control application at a constant sampling rate.
  • Control outputs are passed from the control application to RecurDyn at a constant sampling rate.