RecurDyn Student Version

RecurDyn Student Version is provided free of charge to all students who want to try out the simulation software 'RecurDyn'.

RecurDyn Student Version is only available on Windows platforms and has some restrictions. The various learning materials such as e-Learning, technical tips, and webinars provided are the best to learn RecurDyn and Multi-Body Dynamics CAE.

The RecurDyn Technical Site is a user forum for anyone interested in Dynamics and CAE simulations.

You can discuss about Dynamics, CAE, and RecurDyn on the forum and discover the latest resources for learning, such as technical tips, FAQs, and webinars.

License Request

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It may take about 1 business day to receive your license.

Restrictions and Software License Agreement

RecurDyn Student Version is provided free for personal or educational use.

As specified in the Software License Agreement , it cannot be used for commercial purposes, and technical support is not provided.

RecurDyn Student Version is available only on the Windows platform and has the following restrictions.

  1. The maximum number of bodies that can be created is 20.
  2. When importing external CAD files, only Parasolid files (*.x_t, *.x_b) smaller than 1MB are supported.
  3. The available Contact elements are limited to Sphere To Sphere, Sphere In Sphere, and Extended Surface To Surface Contact.
  4. The model files (.rdyn) and result files (.rplt) are not compatible between the RecurDyn Student Version and the RecurDyn Commercial Version (Limited compatibility is provided for university donation licenses for classes. For more details, please inquire through 'Contact Us').

System Requirements

Only 64-bit Windows operating systems are allowed, not 32-bit Windows.

Operating systems Windows 7, 8.1, 10
Minimum supported CPU 2.4 GHz
Minimum supported RAM 4 GB
HDD The installation will require 10 GB of disk space.

Installation Guide

Please click here to check the matters to be attended to before installing the RecurDyn Student Version.

Limitations of RecurDyn Student Version

  1. The maximum number of rigid bodies is 20.
  2. Only the Parasolid file format (*.x_t, *.x_b) is supported for imported CAD geometry. The file size must be less than 1MB (1,048,579 bytes).
  3. 3 contact types are supported: Sphere To Sphere, Sphere In Sphere, and Extended Surface To Surface Contact.
  4. The model file(*rdyn) and the plot files (*.rplt) are not compatible between RecurDyn Student version and the official version of RecurDyn.
  5. No technical support from FunctionBay.