CEO Greeting 글 편집


CEO  Kyung-Cheon Jang 

FunctionBay's Resolution for a Bigger, Better Future

Despite the rapid change and adversity that we have faced in our tumultuous market since our inception, FunctionBay has survived to remain at the forefront of our field through our hard work and through the generosity and support of you, our customers.

We at FunctionBay believe that the purpose of our company is to help contribute to the well-being and happiness of not just our customers, but of the world in general. We make tools that help our customers make more efficient and more valuable products. Those products touch the lives of millions of people around the world. Through our hard work, we try to contribute to the development not just of engineering technology, but to the development of the future of the world we live in.

Therefore, FunctionBay's hope and dream is to improve our technological strength not just to improve ourselves as a company or to benefit our customers. It is also for the welfare and prosperity of society. Therefore, with the cooperation of our customers, we pledge to become a stronger and better company to continue to help our customers' businesses grow and become more profitable and to contribute to the well-being of the people of the world. 


  • 2001  Doctor's degree course in the mechanical engineering of Seoul National University
  • 1999  Master's degree in the mechanical engineering of Seoul National University
  • 1997  Bachelor's degree in the mechanical engineering of Seoul National University


  • Present  CEO in FunctionBay, Inc.
  • 2007  COO in FunctionBay, Inc.
  • 2006  Department head of the business team in FunctionBay, Inc.
  • 2002  Team leader of the development team in FunctionBay, Inc./Developed the UI of engine system in RecurDyn
  • 2000  Joined FunctionBay, Inc.