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This article provides an example model to practice expression.

If you are not familiar with the basic usage of expressions of RecurDyn,

please study RecurDyn Starter Kit or RecurDyn tutorials first.

Separation of the bodies caused by excessive load (or by breakage)


You can download an example model from the above link. 

If you want to build a model whose bodies can be separated or broken, you can use simple expression for it.

  • Define a translational force at the point where the separation (breakage) occurs
  • Use DM() function to calculate the distance between 2 markers
  • Use Step() function to add the criteria of the separation (breakage)
  • If the distance between 2 markers is big enough (by excessive load), then the force becomes 0 and the 2 bodies are separated.

Separation of the bodies caused by the excessive load (or breakage)

If you want a body to be separated after a certain period of time, you can use TIME and IF() function instead of DM and STEP.