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This article provides an application model to practice Expression. The general description and attached RecurDyn file in this article allow you to check the mechanism of model and the Expression function using RecurDyn. However, it might be a bit difficult for RecurDyn beginners since the detailed description of model creation is omitted. The RecurDyn technical website offers a variety of technical tips and materials so that you can browse and find the desired contents on the RecurDyn technical website.

Deployment of solar panel

Download the RecurDyn model file.

Modeling of a rotational Spring with nonlinear stiffness for angle and direction

  • Applies different direction of stiffness according to Spline input according to the direction of angular velocity using IF function.
  • Applies damping characteristics.
  • Configures a solar panel using subsystem (Double-click the left and right solar panels to enter the subsystem and check the configuration of modeling).
  • Applies PTCV in place of contact and also applies vascular motion path.
  • Defines stiffness with Spline and applies it using akispl function.

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