7. Export to the standalone MBD software 글 편집

Multi-Body Dynamics for ANSYS can be used to

  • understand the dynamic behavior of basic mechanical assemblies
  • generate loads for structural analysis.


In addition, there are many applications of Multi-Body Dynamics such as

  • complex assemblies with vibration problems
  • mechatronic systems that couple mechanical assemblies
  • sensors and controllers
  • complex multi-body systems (with chains, belts, bearings, gears and track assemblies)

Some systems require the co-simulation of mechanical assemblies and fluids using particle dynamics.

Multi-Body Dynamics for ANSYS lets you export your model to the RecurDyn standalone, high-end Multi-Body Dynamics software (MBD software), which is able to simulate such complex systems


Scalability to various Multi-Body Dynamics applications



Just one click to transform Multi-Body Dynamics for ANSYS model to stand-alone RecurDyn model for scalability

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Please see this page to know more about the standalone MBD software, RecurDyn.