What's New in RecurDyn V9R3 글 편집

Maximizing the usability of RecurDyn V9R3
makes it easier and faster to achieve highly accurate results.

RecurDyn DriveTrain

New Toolkits - DriveTrain

  • Theory-based Gear Analytic Contact
  • Specialized modeler for bearings, shafts and built-in detailed gear modeler, KISSsoft
  • Provides bearing database of 8 global brands
  • Checks Dynamic Transmission Errors
  • Various causes of the gear misalignment can be simulated

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RecurDyn Campbell Diagram

UI Convenience & Professional

  • Relation Map improvements to better understand the relationships between entities
  • New Campbell Diagram
  • Contact Pressure for rigid bodies  

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Multi Flexible Body Dynamics

  • Easy creation of uniform meshes
  • Imprint improvements
  • Improved pre-processing/post-processing related to MFBD
  • MFBD improvements

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Multi Flexible Body Dynamics

DriveTrain and Toolkits