RecurDyn Starter Kit 글 편집

Starter Kit 1 - Introduction of MBD

RecurDyn Starter Kit Webinar - Multibody dynamics software

1. Definition of CAE

Computer-aided engineering (CAE) is the use of computer software to simulate performance in order to improve product designs or assist in the resolution of engineering problems for a wide range of industries.

2. CAE Softwares


3. CAE software in Product Development


4. MBD (Multi-Body Dynamics) 

Numerical simulation in which multibody systems are composed of various rigid or flexible bodies. Connections between the bodies can be modeled with joints, forces and contact.

The study of the dynamic behavior of an assembly of rigid or flexible bodies, usually including large translational/rotational displacement.

The calculation of loads (at joints, contacts and where forces are applied) that can be used for component-level structural analysis.


5. Process of MBD analysis

Starter Kit 2 - 7 reasons to use RecurDyn

1. System level analysis

  1. Real systems consist of several components and are operated by their interactions
  2. RecurDyn provides not just individual component analysis but the overall system level analysis
  3. Convenient UI and specialized solver for system level analysis


  • Using MFBD technology, RecurDyn can simulate a system containing rigid and Flexible Bodies including contact and large deformation and durability analysis are also supported within RecurDyn.

2. Load calculation for FEA

  • Boundary conditions and load conditions are required for FEA
  • It is not easy to get the boundary and load conditions for a dynamic system which involves dynamic motion and interactions between several parts
  • MBD results using System level analysis can be used as the boundary and load conditions of FEA


  • MBD for ANSYS is a Multi Body Dynamics software add-in developed by FunctionBay, which uses RecurDyn solver.
  • It can perform MBD simulation in the ANSYS environment and easily transfer the MBD results to ANSYS Structural analysis using a unique feature called ’Load Transfer’.
  • It is possible to perform MFBD simulation using RecurDyn without FEA software.

3. Specialized for MBD analysis


4. Not only Rigid body but also Flexible body

  1. 20~30 years ago, MBD focused on the rigid bodies. However, MBD can handle not only rigid bodies but also flexible bodies
  2. RecurDyn supports not only Reduced Flex (RFlex), but also Full Flex (FFlex)
  3. Mesh, Pre-process, simulation and even Post-process and Durability are supported in RecurDyn environment.


5. Scalability for the interdisciplinary simulation


6. Various application toolkits for Easy-to-use modeling and simulation


7. Widely used software globally


Starter Kit 3 - Applications of RecurDyn

1. Automotive

  • Analyze the dynamic behavior or calculate the load applied to each component by performing dynamic analyses on the full vehicle, suspension, engine, and clutch, considering various driving and operating conditions.
  • NVH of the Engine, lubrication mechanism of the transmission


2. Electronics

  • The behavior of a camera lens barrel during zoom operations
  • Dynamic load during the operation of a circuit breaker
  • The effect of the balancer of a washing machineu


3. Robot

  • Dynamic analysis to calculate the dynamic load applied to each connection when the robot moves in various ways


4. Aerospace

  • The retractable mechanism of the landing gear as well as the vibrations, sliding and the load applied to the landing gear when the airplane takes off or lands
  • Dynamic mechanism of the solar cell arrays of the spacecraft
  • The dynamic behavior of a helicopter rotor


5. Construction machinery

  • Rollover of an excavator, performance evaluation of the machine
  • Ride quality of Bulldozer, forklift


6. Media transportation

  • Printing mechanism or durability of the parts in a printer and a copier
  • Transportation mechanism of the thin and flexible media for ATM or LCD panel transportation


7. Machine tools

  • Vibration and performance evaluation of the various machine tools
  • Virtual prototype test for the new design


8. Others

  • Biomechanical analysis of a human body and Medical device
  • Evaluation of a packaging device and  process analysis


Starter Kit 4 - Let's use RecurDyn

This is a self-study guide to learn how to use RecurDyn, which helps the students or the people who don't know how to use RecurDyn.

If you can create the bodies, joints or contacts and run simulation already, RecurDyn e-Learning or tutorial will be better than this guide.

First, please watch the below webinar and download the example files. 

RecurDyn Starter Kit

Most of the pages include a video clips. So please watch the video first and then do it yourself.

(for some UIs, this guide introduce the UI of RecurDyn V8 and V9 both.)

For your information,this guide includes the following topics.

1. Pre-process

  • How to create Body, Joint, Force, Contact  
  • How to use View Control

2. Solve

  • The difference between Dynamic analysis and static analysis

3. Post-Process

  •  Animation
  • How to use Plot

4. Others

  • Request
  • Scope
  • Marker Trace & Force Display
  • Model setting
  • Animation during simulation
  • Relation Map

5. Introduction of the Self-study materials

Starter Kit 5 -  Toolkits

RecurDyn provides the specialized toolkits by industry which enables both experts and designers to easily analyze specific and complex tasks.


Demo movie of MTT2D toolkit which is globally used by the printer/copier machine companies

Demo movie of Track LM toolkit which is globally used by the construction/agricultural machinery companies for 'Tracked Vehicles'

(LM: Low-mobility, which is used for the low-mobility vehicles. Track HM is used for the high-mobility vehicles)